We drew. And then we grew.

You might know us because we helped you find the illustrator or animator you needed. Well, Snyder now has a creative production arm (and it has been lifting lots of weights, so it’s pretty strong).

Introducing Snyder Studio – hi! – a creative content production shop, founded and run entirely by a team of art-and-design-obsessed women. We’ve got a vetted network of talented artists, writers, designers, photographers, filmmakers, 3D modelers, creative directors, producers, and yes, illustrators and animators who bring decades of experience to the table.

If you’d like to know, “Do we do that?” In short, yes. That’s exactly what we do. Whether you need fresh ideas, a brief answered, an illustration, an animation, a live-action video, an integrated campaign, thumb-stopping social media content, or a photo shoot, we are here to help.

Snyder Studio is a one-stop shop for creative and production needs big and small. We work to keep things easy, streamlined, and fun. Drop us a line, give us a call, or let’s Facetime over coffee. We can’t wait to work with you.



Executive Content Producer

Our Executive Creative Producer for Snyder Studio, Sari Rowe, comes bearing the knowledge and creative know-how of her 15+ yrs of integrated production experience.

Her “get-er-done” attitude and first-hand knowledge of our growing and ever-changing industry makes Sari the production powerhouse she is. She has built her reputation on her ability to negotiate, orchestrate, and coordinate multiple teams, projects, and schedules without batting an eye.

It is Sari’s ability to make you feel like your job is the only production she is working on that has kept her clients loyal to her over the span of her creative, art-packed career.




Founder and Agency Director

Kristina's career has meandered through the photography, production, and artistic communities in New York for the past 25 years, and starting a creative production hub like Snyder Studio made perfect sense.

Her background includes producing documentary photography and film, hard news photo editing, freelancing at a wide array of national magazines, as well as working with on-set photography and marketing shoots at CBS and HBO. In 2002 Kristina founded Snyder & Company, representing an international roster of photographers and illustrators, and rebranded the company as Snyder New York in 2013 focusing on illustration and animation.

 Snyder New York represents world-class creative talent with a roster of illustrators, animators, creative image-makers and social media content influencers, collaborating on creative and original content for large brands, advertising agencies, corporate and editorial clients across the globe.