In my years of overseeing integrated production Sari is one of the few producers that has the tenacity and commitment to understand and execute flawlessly in so many areas. I’ve relied on her knowledge and practical experience to meet and surpass the expectations on many a project’s needs. Sari brings an amazing amount of drive, understanding and oversight to a production. From project management through hands on production Sari’s leadership and abilities are going to maximize the success of any project.
— Gary Paticoff, EVP/Chief Production Officer, RPA

I’ve witnessed Snyder New York’s growth in recent years and I am beyond impressed at the level of curation and forward-thinking production services that have become available - it’s incredible!

Snyder New York has the ability to inject moments of fun and levity into what oftentimes are stressful situations. Part of me wants to stay quiet, be selfish and keep Snyder New York as my own secret weapon; but the world needs to know that through the years every time I’ve come upon a production emergency (small budget, aggressive timelines, etc), they are usually one of the first people that come to mind that can help get me out of a bind. I consider them my “one phone call” from production jail. They’re collaborative, supportive, and help make the impossible happen.
— Diana Pam, Senior Art Producer, 72andSunny

I had the great pleasure to work with Kristina Snyder and Foreal on an AT&T Project to be shown in airports in Dallas for a conference. Attendees were coming in from around the world to attend and AT&T wanted to do a video takeover of the airports. The videos were converted into digital and static highway billboards as well.

The creative team at Organic/BBDO concepted a design utilizing the ampersand and how each vertical – healthcare, retail, finance and manufacturing – could work within the ampersand. We presented open-ended concepts as we knew we wanted to collaborate with Snyder New York and Foreal on all aspects of the creative.

As the project evolved and we began to see initial designs and animation, we were blown away. We quickly realized we were creating artwork. We appreciated the time and attention to detail the team gave each piece. As changes came through from the client, Kristina and Foreal were very patient and understanding and worked tirelessly to still deliver on time.

Everyone involved is very proud of the work we created and look forward to another opportunity to work with Snyder New York and any one of their amazing artists in the future.
— Stephanie Murdoch, Digital Producer, TM

Over the course of her career, and on my sets in particular, Sari has worn many hats; creative producer, executive producer, line producer and art producer, but none of those titles adequately describes what Sari is capable of. From start to finish and top to bottom, Sari manages, handles and executes any and all issues or problems that develop over the life of a project. She sees the big picture and she is in the weeds. Sari is simply spectacular at what she does.

Whenever the phone rings and it’s Sari on the other end saying, “I have this shoot I’d like you to do,” I am thrilled to be collaborating with her.
— Art Streiber, Photographer

Working with Snyder New York is always a pleasure…They represent some of the best talent and communication is always clear and consistent. On top of all that, they are exceedingly nice human beings.
— Travis Cain, Creative Director, Kiehl’s 1851

Sari Rowe knows everything and everyone in the business. She does. Good people find good people, and Sari is good people. If you don’t know what I mean, you just have to go have a coffee, a meeting, a dinner, a phone call with her and you will understand. Her centeredness, her kindness and calm is what holds people together.

There are people who create road blocks to shake out what they hope is the best in people, and there are those who create teams. Sari is the latter. She is an incredible bridge of information, able to balance the needs of the client, while fully appreciating art and commerce.

It has been my pleasure to work in tandem with Sari on a number of challenging projects. She is a team captain to the max.
— Michael Horta, Owner & Exec Producer, MJ68 Productions