Trump Grotesk: Speaking truth to power.

The challenge:

To increase brand awareness in the light of a new London office opening and the launch of their new branded content offering in NYC, Snyder Studio.

The insight:

Marketers have long since known the value of connecting an idea to popular culture. But less well known is the value of attaching your brand to unpopular culture. Who or what can compete with President Donald J Trump in the coverage steaks?

The result:

The launch of Trump Grotesk the typeface. A family of fonts crafted by Snyder New York in the image of the 45th President of the United States.Trump Grotesk was launched, the first work out of Snyder Studio and in so doing demonstrated their creative capabilities and the rich talents of the artists represented by Snyder New York.  A family of fonts was crafted taking visual cues from The President. The top of the font resembles the trademark hair and the bottom of the font represents his equally iconic orange skin tone. Once the font was illustrated it was converted to an actual font people could use online. Ads featuring now infamous Trump quotes like “Grab them by the Pussy” encouraged people to visit with copy that read:You’ve heard his word’s, now let him hear yours. Once at the website people could message the president directly and share their thoughts via social media.In the U.S: Unbelievable coverage both here and across the pond. Visits to our website have increased tenfold since the campaign launch, with several direct client enquiries and presentations in the works. In the U.K: A hugely successful launch, Snyder New York’s web traffic up 158%