Vaseline Clinical Therapy:

How one 'prescription' became over 3,000,000.


The challenge:

To launch a ‘prescription strength moisturizer’ nationwide for problem dry and damaged skin in a highly competitive and saturated market.

The insight:

As Vaseline Clinical Therapy would be the only 'prescription' strength product on the market, we wanted put it to the ultimate test and demonstrate its efficacy in one of the world’s harshest and most damaging environments for skin- Kodiak, Alaska.

Research suggested that dry skin sufferers often run in families, and families love to care for each other and share any potential cures available. It’s human nature to want to share news especially when you believe it will bring relief to a long suffering complaint. So we gave one woman Vaseline Clinical Therapy and documented her reaction to it, the reaction of her friends and its spread by 'word of mouth' to the larger community. But would it work?

The result: 

From a single 'prescription' the momentum from growth was amplified into a highly successful global brand campaign, with inexhaustible flexibility to build the brand with both historical and topical work from around the world. The number of 'prescriptions' has past the 3,000,000 mark and is still climbing.


Prescribe the nation.

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