Vita-minis: How a limited budget translated into a national launch success.


The Challenge:

Launching a new children's multi-vitamin into a saturated market was going to be a challenge. Add in an allocated budget considered enough for one TV spot and the challenge looked, well ...more challenging.

The insight:

Qualitative research revealed that working parents had two key concerns. The first was that their hectic schedule occasionally meant that their children's diet was less than perfect. The second was that growing up in the digital age meant they were missing out on a 'traditional innocent childhood'. The resulting campaign thought, 'Celebrate being young, healthy and without a care in the world'.

The results: 

The economy of scale resulting from one team writing and producing the work stretched the budget to a series of TVCs, online pre-rolls and a supporting Instagram campaign. In the first six months of the launch, we beat forecast by over 250%.