XXXX Gold Beer: Six sponsorship TVCs from brief to on air within a month!

The Challenge:

In the middle of winter and at the last possible minute, Australia's 'summer beer' XXXX Gold, decided they would sponsor an upcoming 'Ashes' cricket series between Australia and their old enemy England.

The insight: 

When it comes to cricket, there is no bigger love/hate rivalry that Australia v England. And like every grudge match the world over, the fans love getting under each other’s skin.The work:One lean team produced three 30 and three 15 spots on time and on budget. Each spot seamlessly interweaves the multiple brand assets of the sports channel and the blokey world of XXXX Summer Island.

The results: 

Aussies loved it, the English hated it - mission accomplished.


Washed out TVC


Glare TVC


Line up TVC